Cortex Technical R&D Ltd.

Brief Company Information

Cortex Technical R&D Ltd., was founded in 1990, following the opening up of the Hungarian economy. Cortex is an R&D company specialising in the field of Digital Signal Processing (DSP), especially digital image processing. We perform development and system integration of user specific data acquisition and measuring systems in the field of industrial automation, quality and process control. The emphasis is on the word specific, since we always deal with problems which need special knowledge and cannot be solved using commercially available hardware and software tools. We undertake complete projects including the hardware design, measuring algorithms and software implementation. A new task often means a completely new system, especially from algorithmic and software point of view. In our hardware equipment we always use the latest DSP technology, including state-of-the-art digital signal processors.

The core team of the company consists of 5 colleagues graduated in electronics, computer science and physics. They have significant experience in high-tech development in the field of measuring instruments, high level programming languages (C/C++), a variety of CISC, RISC and DSP assembly languages, man-machine interfaces as well as in image processing, computer graphics, biomedical engineering and laser-technology. There is a strong academic background, since earlier the team has been working for the Computer and Automation Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. During the academic period a lot of theoretical and practical research and development has been done in the field of DSP based data acquisition and measuring systems. Based on the special accumulated knowledge we have been able to start a private business and transfer this knowledge to real industrial applications.

Fortunately enough industry is open to high-tech solutions. It is well known that quality and quality management are of primary importance in current manufacturing technologies. DSP is an ideal tool for in-process, real-time quality testing in a wide range of applications, from glass tube manufacturing to the automotive industry. The majority of our applications are image processing based real-time quality control, although other measuring methods are also often used.

Our philosophy can be summarised as follows: facing unique problems which require unique solutions. In order to gain deeper insight what the above slogan means in practice, a short assortment of our recent industrial applications follows.

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