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Image Processing System for Visual Inspection and Evaluation of Insulation & Wire Crimp Slides

The goal of the PC based image processing system is to evaluate the images of insulation and wire crimp cross-section slides acquired by a microscope mounted colour CCD camera, in order to numerically measure the quality of the crimping process.

Based on the cross-section pictures the quality of the crimping process can be well measured by the extent of deformation of elementary wires as well as the summed area of voids among wires. The image processing system evaluates the digitised cross section pictures and automatically computes the total area of elementary wires and the total area of voids for wire crimp images. Based on the above area values, the deformation factor and the compactness factor as the final quality measures of the crimping process are generated.

The MS Windows based programming interface provides easy-to-use tools for human interactions. By means of the built in interactive tools the user can modify certain decisions of the image processing algorithms (e.g. void vs. no-void problem). The final numerical results along with the original and processed images can be exported to an Excel sheet providing the final document of the measurement or saved to disk storage.

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